Book list


1064Cinderella is deadKalynn Bayron2021-001
1065American hippoSarah Gailey2021-002


944Diamond throneDavid Eddings2016-001
945Ruby crownDavid Eddings2016-002
946Sapphire roseDavid Eddings2016-003
947Magician's guildTracy Canavan2016-004
948NoviceTracy Canavan2016-005
949High LordTracy Canavan2016-006
950Unspeakable ThingsLaurie Penny2017-001
951Cocaine bluesKerry Greenwood2017-002
952An accident of starsFoz Meadows2017-003
953Leviathan wakesJames S. A. Corey2017-004
954Hundred thousand kingdomsN. K. Jemesin2017-005
955Broken KingdomsN. K. Jemesin2017-006
956Kingdom of the godsN. K. Jemesin2017-007
957Children of Green KnoweLucy M. Boston2017-008
958Charmed lifeDiana Wynne Jones2017-009
959Demon headmasterGillian Cross2017-010
960April ladyGeorgette Heyer2017-011
961VenetiaGeorgette Heyer2017-012
962Caliban's warJames S. A. Corey2017-013
963SylvesterGeorgette Heyer2017-014
964A tyranny of queensFoz Meadows2017-015
965The Stinking Great LieCatherine Jinks2017-016
966Rosemary and rueSeanan McGuire2017-017
967Throne of GlassSarah J Maas2017-018
968Cibola burnJames S. A. Corey2017-019
969Charity GirlGeorgette Heyer2017-020
970The Hanging TreeBen Aaronovitch2017-021
971Dead BeatJim Butcher2017-022
972Proven GuiltyJim Butcher2017-023
973Nemesis GamesJames S. A. Corey2017-024
974The Stone SkyN. K. Jemesin2018-001
975The Republic Of ThievesScott Lynch2018-002
976Babylon's AshesJames S. A. Corey2018-003
977Goblin EmperorKatherine Addison2018-004
978Power And MajestyTansy Rayner Roberts2018-005
979The Shattered CityTansy Rayner Roberts2018-006
980Caliban's WarJames S. A. Corey2018-007
981Reign Of BeastsTansy Rayner Roberts2018-008
982By The SwordMercedes Lackey2018-009
983Court Of FivesKate Elliott2018-010
984Moon CalledPatricia Briggs2018-011
985GrassSheri S Tepper2018-012
986The Tea Master And The DetectiveAliette de Bodard2018-013
987The Flowers Of VashnoiLois McMaster Bujold2018-014
988All Systems Red (Murderbot 1)Martha Wells2018-015
989Artificial Condition (Murderbot 2)Martha Wells2018-016
990Rogue Protocol (Murderbot 3)Martha Wells2018-017
991Exit Strategy (Murderbot 4)Martha Wells2018-018
992So You Want To Be A Wizard?Diane Duane2018-019
993The Wonder EngineUrsula Vernon2018-020
994Clockwork BoysUrsula Vernon2018-021
995The Duchess DealTessa Dare2018-022
996Tsumiko And The Enslaved FoxForthright2018-023
997Tea and sympathetic magicTansy Rayner Roberts2018-024
998SwordheartUrsula Vernon2018-025
999The seventh brideUrsula Vernon2018-026
1000The governess affairCourtney Milan2018-027
1001In the vanishers' palaceAliette de Bodard2018-028
1002The Duchess warCourtney Milan2018-029
1003A kiss for midwinterCourtney Milan2018-030
1004The heiress effectCourtney Milan2018-031
1005The countess conspiracyCourtney Milan2018-032
1006The suffragette scandalCourtney Milan2018-033
1007Talk sweetly to meCourtney Milan2018-034
1008The Game BirdAiden R. Walsh2018-035
1009The city of brassS.A. Chakraborty2019-001
1010Kimiko and the accidental proposalForthright2019-002
1011Blood boundPatricia Briggs2019-003
1012Iron kissedPatricia Briggs2019-004
1013Bone crossedPatricia Briggs2019-005
1014The poisoned bladeKate Elliot2019-006
1015Doctor Who and the seeds of doomPhilip Hinchcliffe2019-007
1016SpellwrightBlake Charlton2019-008
1017The bone seasonSamantha Shannon2019-009
1018The kingdom of copperS.A. Chakraborty2019-010
1019An arranged marriageJo Beverly2019-011
1020An unwilling brideJo Beverly2019-012
1021A right honourable gentlemanCourtney Milan2019-013
1022Secrets of a summer nightLisa Kleypas2019-014
1023It happened one autumnLisa Kleypas2019-015
1024The Devil in WinterLisa Kleypas2019-016
1025Scandal in SpringLisa Kleypas2019-017
1026Knife ChildrenLois McMaster Bujold2019-018
1027The Governess AffairCourtney Milan2019-019
1028The Duchess WarCourtney Milan2019-020
1029The Heiress EffectCourtney Milan2019-021
1030The Countess ConspiracyCourtney Milan2019-022
1031The Suffragette ScandalCourtney Milan2019-023
1032SwordheartUrsula Vernon2019-024
1033The Clockwork BoysUrsula Vernon2019-025
1034The Wonder EngineUrsula Vernon2019-026
1035DragonclawKate Forsyth2019-027
1036The Lady's Guide to Celestial MechanicsOlivia Waite2019-028
1037A Gentleman's Guide to Vice and VirtueMackenzi Lee2020-001
1038Murder Most UnladylikeRobin Stevens2020-002
1039After the WeddingCourtney Milan2020-003
1040UprootedNaomi Novik2020-004
1041The Devil in WinterLisa Kleypas2020-005
1042SnowspelledStephanie Burgis2020-006
1043Paladin's GraceUrsula Vernon2020-007
1044Dragon calledCassie Alexander, Kara Lockharte2020-008
1045Dragon destinedCassie Alexander, Kara Lockharte2020-009
1046Minor mageUrsula Vernon2020-010
1047Dragon fatedCassie Alexander, Kara Lockharte2020-011
1048A kiss for midwinterCourtney Milan2020-012
1049The heiress effectCourtney Milan2020-013
1050The countess conspiracyCourtney Milan2020-014
1051Talk sweetly to meCourtney Milan2020-015
1052Aurora RisingJay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman2020-016
1053Gideon the ninthTamsyn Muir2020-017
1054Harrow the ninthTamsyn Muir2020-018
1055All Systems Red (Murderbot 1)Martha Wells2020-019
1056Artificial Condition (Murderbot 2)Martha Wells2020-020
1057Aurora burningJay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman2020-021
1058Empire of goldS.A. Chakraborty2020-022
1059The angel of the crowsKatherine Addison2020-023
1060LegendbornTracy Deonn2020-024
1061Dragon matedCassie Alexander, Kara Lockharte2020-025
1062The Duke Who Didn'tCourtney Milan2020-026
1063Axiom's endLindsay Ellis2020-027


631Dark lord of DerkholmDiana Wynne Jones2011-001
632Arsonist's guide to writers' homes in New EnglandBrock Clarke2011-002
633KrakenChina Mieville2011-003
634Sharing knife: beguilementLois McMaster Bujold2011-004
635Sharing knife: legacyLois McMaster Bujold2011-005
636Sharing knife: passageLois McMaster Bujold2011-006
637Sharing knife: horizonLois McMaster Bujold2011-007
638Citizen of the galaxyRobert A. Heinlein2011-008
639FeedMira Grant2011-009
640Harpers magazine, April 2010VA:2011-010
641Knife of never letting goPatrick Ness2011-011
642Ask and the answerPatrick Ness2011-012
643Monsters of menPatrick Ness2011-013
644Girl with the dragon tattooStieg Larsson2011-014
645Lathe of heavenUrsula Le Guin2011-015
646Homeward boundersDiana Wynne Jones2011-016
647Across the universeBeth Revis2011-017
648Last dragonslayerJasper fforde2011-018
649Two against the oddsJoan Kilby2011-019
650Myrren's giftFiona McIntosh2011-020
651Witch weekDiana Wynne Jones2011-021
652Finnikin of the rockMelina Marchetta2011-022
653King's dragonKate Elliot2011-023
654So long a letterMariama Ba2011-024
655Tortall and other landsTamora Pierce2011-025
656Power of threeDiana Wynne Jones2011-026
657Infinity gateSara Douglass2011-027
658Ruby in the smokePhilip Pullman2011-028
659Shadow in the northPhilip Pullman2011-029
660Monstrous regimentTerry Pratchett2011-030
661Charity girlGeorgette Heyer2011-031
662Master and commanderPatrick O'Brien2011-032
663BeautyRobin McKinley2011-033
664LeviathanScott Westerfeld2011-034
665Prince of dogsKate Elliot2011-035
666Burning stoneKate Elliot2011-036
667Child of flameKate Elliot2011-037
668Gathering stormKate Elliot2011-038
669In the ruinsKate Elliot2011-039
670Crown of starsKate Elliot2011-040
671Bartimaeus: the ring of SolomonJonathan Stroud2011-041
672Dealing with dragonsPatricia C. Wrede2011-042
673Reluctant widowGeorgette Heyer2011-043
674Grand SophyGeorgette Heyer2011-044
675Gardens of the moonSteven Erikson2011-045
676Jane EyreCharlotte Bronte2011-046
677VenetiaGeorgette Heyer2011-047
678Shades of greyJasper fforde2011-048
679Moab is my washpotStephen Fry2011-049
680Curse of ChalionLois McMaster Bujold2011-050
681Wee free menTerry Pratchett2011-051
682Friday's childGeorgette Heyer2011-052
683Hat full of skyTerry Pratchett2011-053
684WintersmithTerry Pratchett2011-054
685I shall wear midnightTerry Pratchett2011-055
686How to live safely in a science fictional universeCharles Yu2011-056
687Castle in the airDiana Wynne Jones2011-057
688Guards! Guards!Terry Pratchett2011-058
689Men at armsTerry Pratchett2011-059
690Feet of clayTerry Pratchett2011-060
691JingoTerry Pratchett2011-061
692Fifth elephant, TheTerry Pratchett2011-062
693Night watchTerry Pratchett2011-063
694Thud!Terry Pratchett2011-064
695Cold magicKate Elliot2011-065
696DogsbodyDiana Wynne Jones2011-066
697Tiger in the wellPhilip Pullman2011-067
698Tin princessPhilip Pullman2011-068
699National VelvetEnid Bagnold2011-069
700My book of pony storiesGillian Baxter2011-070
701Icarus huntTimothy Zahn2011-071
702Haroun and the sea of storiesSalman Rushdie2011-072
703SnuffTerry Pratchett2011-073
704DeathworldHarry Harrison2011-074
705HeartlessGail Carriger2011-075
706Tales of Beedle the bardJ.K. Rowling2011-076
707MatildaRoald Dahl2011-077
708Death comes to PemberleyP.D. James2011-078
709Discovery of witchesDeborah Harkness2011-079
710Cousin KateGeorgette Heyer2011-080
711The house of silkAnthony Horowitz2011-081
712Birds, beasts and relativesGerald Durrell2011-082
713I wanted a ponyDiana Pullein-Thompson2012-001
714Sophie is sevenDick King-Smith2012-002
715SoullessGail Carriger2012-003
716These old shadesGeorgette Heyer2012-004
717Devil's cubGeorgette Heyer2012-005
718Friday's childGeorgette Heyer2012-006
719Sophie's snailDick King-Smith2012-007
720Water horseDick King-Smith2012-008
721Treasure islands: tax havens and the men who stole the worldNicholas Shaxson2012-009
722City and the cityChina Mieville2012-010
723Catalogue of the universeMargaret Mahy2012-011
724They came to BaghdadAgatha Christie2012-012
725OathboundMercedes Lackey2012-013
726OathbreakersMercedes Lackey2012-014
727Wonderful story of Henry SugarRoald Dahl2012-015
728VenetiaGeorgette Heyer2012-016
729RT, Margaret and the rats of NIMHJane Leslie Conly2012-017
730Shards of honorLois McMaster Bujold2012-018
731Magic's pawnMercedes Lackey2012-019
732Magic's promiseMercedes Lackey2012-020
733Magic's priceMercedes Lackey2012-021
734TimelessGail Carriger2012-022
735SylvesterGeorgette Heyer2012-023
736MastiffTamora Pierce2012-024
737Warrior womanMarion Zimmer Bradley2012-025
738Bloody chamberAngela Carter2012-026
739Alanna: the first adventureTamora Pierce2012-027
740Paladin of soulsLois McMaster Bujold2012-028
741CinderMarissa Meyer2012-029
742In the hand of the GoddessTamora Pierce2012-030
743Fanny and the monstersPenelope Lively2012-031
744Woman who rides like a manTamora Pierce2012-032
745Lioness rampantTamora Pierce2012-033
746Wild magicTamora Pierce2012-034
747Wolf-speakerTamora Pierce2012-035
748Sudden wild magicDiana Wynne Jones2012-036
749Dark lord of DerkholmDiana Wynne Jones2012-037
750HexwoodDiana Wynne Jones2012-038
751Spycatcher trialMalcolm Turnbull2012-039
752Spindle's endRobin McKinley2012-040
753Tale of time cityDiana Wynne Jones2012-041
754ArabellaGeorgette Heyer2012-042
755PersuasionJane Austen2012-043
756Power and majestyTansy Rayner Roberts2012-044
757Shattered cityTansy Rayner Roberts2012-045
758Reign of beastsTansy Rayner Roberts2012-046
759Northanger abbeyJane Austen2012-047
760Solid mandalaPatrick White2012-048
761Thud!Terry Pratchett2012-049
762PossessionA.S. Byatt2012-050
763Getting of wisdomHenry Handel Richardson2012-051
764MagiciansLev Grossman2012-052
765Double starRobert A. Heinlein2012-053
766Number the starsLois Lowry2012-054
767Harpers magazine, March 2011VA:2012-055
768Magician kingLev Grossman2012-056
769Name of the windPatrick Rothfuss2012-057
770Tower of ravensKate Forsyth2012-058
771Shining cityKate Forsyth2012-059
772Secret historyDonna Tartt2012-060
773Year of the griffinDiana Wynne Jones2012-061
774MessiahGore Vidal2012-062
775Grand SophyGeorgette Heyer2012-063
776These old shadesGeorgette Heyer2012-064
777Hunger gamesSuzanne Collins2012-065
778Pagan's scribeCatherine Jinks2012-066
779How to be a womanCaitlin Moran2012-067
780Blue swordRobin McKinley2012-068
781Fuzzy nationJohn Scalzi2012-069
782Pride and platypus: Mr Darcy's dreadful secretVera Nazarian2012-070
783CorinthianGeorgette Heyer2012-071
784Kushiel's dartJaqueline Carey2012-072
785Decline and fallEvelyn Waugh2012-073
786Prosper the commonwealthRobert Randolph Garran2012-074
787Vile bodiesEvelyn Waugh2012-075
788ShatterglassTamora Pierce2012-076
789Street magicTamora Pierce2012-077
790City and the starsArthur C. Clarke2012-078
791Heart of starsKate Forsyth2012-079
792Ragnarok: the end of the godsA.S. Byatt2012-080
793Making moneyTerry Pratchett2012-081
794HyperionDan Simmons2012-082
795TruthTerry Pratchett2012-083
796Little black book of storiesA.S. Byatt2012-084
797ReaderBernhard Schlink2012-085
798Secret of chimneysAgatha Christie2012-086
799Cold fireKate Elliot2012-087
800Charmed lifeDiana Wynne Jones2012-088
801Fall of hyperionDan Simmons2012-089
802Neverending storyMichael Ende2012-090
803Carrion comfortDan Simmons2012-091
804Witch bankCatherine Jinks2012-092
805Magicians of CapronaDiana Wynne Jones2012-093
806Magnus powermouseDick King-Smith2012-094
807Catching fireSuzanne Collins2012-095
808Mocking jaySuzanne Collins2012-096
809Game, TheA.S. Byatt2012-097
810CotillionGeorgette Heyer2012-098
811Doctor who and the mutantsTerrence Dicks2012-099
812RedshirtsJohn Scalzi2012-100
813Rivers of LondonBen Aaronovich2012-101
814Moon over SohoBen Aaronovich2012-102
815Whispers undergroundBen Aaronovich2012-103
816Fourth bearJasper fforde2012-104
817Eyre affairJasper fforde2012-105
818Fifty shades of greyE.L. James2012-106
819Night birds on NantucketJoan Aiken2012-107
820RestorationRose Tremain2012-108
821Radical tory: Garfield Barwick's reflections and recollectionsGarfield Barwick2013-001
822Old man's warJohn Scalzi2013-002
823Trustee from the toolroomNevil Shute2013-003
824MoorLaurie R. King2013-004
825Sweetness in the bottom of the pieAlan Bradley2013-005
826Sense of an endingJulian Barnes2013-006
827Beekeeper's apprenticeLaurie R. King2013-007
828WolfsangelM.D. Lachlan2013-008
829Code of the WoostersP.G. Wodehouse2013-009
8301984George Orwell2013-010
831BarrayarLois McMaster Bujold2013-011
832Magician's nephewC.S. Lewis2013-012
833BlamelessGail Carriger2013-013
834HeartlessGail Carriger2013-014
835TimelessGail Carriger2013-015
836HobbitJ.R.R. Tolkien2013-016
837Good wivesMargaret Forster2013-017
838Flaubert's parrotJulian Barnes2013-018
839Spirit gateKate Elliott2013-019
840Shadow gateKate Elliott2013-020
841Traitors' gateKate Elliott2013-021
842Guards! Guards!Terry Pratchett2013-022
843Men at armsTerry Pratchett2013-023
844Cloud atlasDavid Mitchell2013-024
845Bell jarSylvia Plath2013-025
846Bitter greensKate Forsyth2013-026
847Beatrice and VirgilYann Martel2013-027
848People of the bookGeraldine Brooks2013-028
849Throne of the crescent moonSaladin Ahmed2013-029
850Space demonsGillian Rubenstein2013-030
851Thrones, dominationsDorothy L Sayers, Jill Paton Walsh2013-031
852KomarrLois McMaster Bujold2013-032
853Justice hallLaurie R. King2013-033
854Hundred thousand kingdomsN. K. Jemesin2013-034
855Battle magicTamora Pierce2013-035
856AnathemNeal Stephenson2014-001
857Adventures of the muddle-headed wombatRuth Park2014-002
858Cold steelKate Elliott2014-003
859Never let me goKazuo Ishiguro2014-004
860Road, TheCormac McCarthy2014-005
861Broken kingdoms, TheN. K. Jemesin2014-006
862Star to steer her byFIC: Shades of Mauve2014-007
863Warrior's apprenticeLois McMaster Bujold2014-008
864Shipping newsE Annie Proulx2014-009
865Snow crashNeal Stephenson2014-010
866Howl's moving castleDiana Wynne Jones2014-011
867Busman's honeymoonDorothy L Sayers2014-012
868DeadlineMira Grant2014-013
869Lies of Locke LamoraScott Lynch2014-014
870Player of gamesIain M Banks2014-015
871Long earthTerry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter2014-016
872SquireTamora Pierce2014-017
873First testTamora Pierce2014-018
874PageTamora Pierce2014-019
875Lady knightTamora Pierce2014-020
876Broken homesBen Aaronovitch2014-021
877Keep chickens! Tending small flocks in cities, suburbs and other small spacesBarbara Kilarski2014-022
878On Basilisk StationDavid Weber2014-023
879Honor of the queenDavid Weber2014-024
880Short victorious warDavid Weber2014-025
881Field of dishonorDavid Weber2014-026
882Flag in exileDavid Weber2014-027
883Honor among enemiesDavid Weber2014-028
884In enemy handsDavid Weber2014-029
885Echoes of honorDavid Weber2014-030
886Ashes of victoryDavid Weber2014-031
887War of honorDavid Weber2014-032
888At all costsDavid Weber2014-033
889Mission of honorDavid Weber2014-034
890Rising thunderDavid Weber2014-035
891More than honorDavid Weber2014-036
892Cold steelKate Elliot2014-037
893Among othersJo Walton2014-038
894Crystal caveMary Stewart2014-039
895Hollow hillsMary Stewart2014-040
896Girl in the cellarPatricia Wentworth2014-041
897Chinese shawlPatricia Wentworth2014-042
898Man in the queueJosephine Tey2014-043
899Miss Pym disposesJosephine Tey2014-044
900FangirlRainbow Rowell2014-045
901Ancillary justiceAnn Leckie2014-046
902I, ClaudiusRobert Graves2014-047
903Invisible citiesItalo Calvino2014-048
904Monstrous regimentTerry Pratchett2014-049
905Last enchantmentMary Stewart2014-050
906Wicked dayMary Stewart2014-051
907PorcupineJulian Barnes2014-052
908Raising steamTerry Pratchett2014-053
909Magic in the weavingTamora Pierce2014-054
910Power in the stormTamora Pierce2014-055
911Fire in the forgingTamora Pierce2014-056
912Healing in the vineTamora Pierce2014-057
913Magic stepsTamora Pierce2014-058
914Street magicTamora Pierce2014-059
915Cold fireTamora Pierce2014-060
916ShatterglassTamora Pierce2014-061
917Melting stonesTamora Pierce2014-062
918TerrierTamora Pierce2014-063
919BloodhoundTamora Pierce2014-064
920MastiffTamora Pierce2014-065
921Pawn of prophecyDavid Eddings2015-001
922Queen of sorceryDavid Eddings2015-002
923Magician's gambitDavid Eddings2015-003
924Castle of wizardryDavid Eddings2015-004
925Enchanter's end gameDavid Eddings2015-005
926Guardians of the westDavid Eddings2015-006
927King of the MurgosDavid Eddings2015-007
928Demon lord of KarandaDavid Eddings2015-008
929Sorceress of DarshivaDavid Eddings2015-009
930Seeress of KellDavid Eddings2015-010
931Arrows of the queenMercedes Lackey2015-011
932Arrow's flightMercedes Lackey2015-012
933Arrow's fallMercedes Lackey2015-013
934Winds of fateMercedes Lackey2015-014
935Winds of changeMercedes Lackey2015-015
936Winds of furyMercedes Lackey2015-016
937Storm warningMercedes Lackey2015-017
938Storm risingMercedes Lackey2015-018
939Storm breakingMercedes Lackey2015-019
940Fellowship of the ringJ.R.R. Tolkien2015-020
941Hyperbole and a halfAllie Brosh2015-021
942CotillionGeorgette Heyer2015-022
943Terms of enlistmentMarko Kloos2015-023


1Tough guide to fantasylandDiana Wynne Jones2007-001
2Have you felt like giving up lately?David Wilkerson2007-002
3Left behind: the markTim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins2007-003
4Double starRobert A. Heinlein2007-004
5Name of the roseUmberto Eco2007-005
6I never promised you a rose gardenJoanne Greenberg2007-006
72001: a space odysseyArthur C. Clarke2007-007
8Martian chroniclesRay Bradbury2007-008
9Act of Roger MurgatroydGilbert Adair2007-009
10Death of a cadM.C. Beaton2007-010
11Death of a gossipM.C. Beaton2007-011
12Death of an outsiderM.C. Beaton2007-012
13Red wyvernKatharine Kerr2007-013
14Murder roomP.D. James2007-014
15King Solomon's minesHenry Rider Haggard2007-015
16Under the red robeStanley Weyman2007-016
17Prisoner of ZendaAnthony Hope2007-017
18Lost worldSir Arthur Conan Doyle2007-018
19Beau GesteP.C. Wren2007-019
20Stiff upper lip, JeevesP.G. Wodehouse2007-020
21Wuthering HeightsEmily Bronte2007-021
22Jungle bookRudyard Kipling2007-022
23Moon is a harsh mistressRobert A. Heinlein2007-023
24Captains courageousRudyard Kipling2007-024
25Burning waterMercedes Lackey2007-025
26Rumpole for the defenceJohn Mortimer2007-026
27White as snowTanith Lee2007-027
28Second jungle bookRudyard Kipling2007-028
29Druid's swordSara Douglass2007-029
30Serpent brideSara Douglass2007-030
31Sharing knife: beguilementLois McMaster Bujold2007-031
32Scarlet pimpernelBaroness Orczy2007-032
33House of cardsMichael Dobbs2007-033
34To play the kingMichael Dobbs2007-034
35Final cutMichael Dobbs2007-035
36Jane EyreCharlotte Bronte2007-036
37Book of flyingKeith Miller2007-037
38Rumpole on trialJohn Mortimer2007-038
39Under the deodarsRudyard Kipling2007-039
40Joy in the morningP.G. Wodehouse2007-040
41Stars my destinationAlfred Bester2007-041
42Demolished manAlfred Bester2007-042
43Podkayne of MarsRobert A. Heinlein2007-043
44KimRudyard Kipling2007-044
45What do YOU care what other people think?Richard Feynman2007-045
46Rose rentEllis Peters2007-046
47Hermit of Eyton ForestEllis Peters2007-047
48Raven in the foregateEllis Peters2007-048
49Wide sargasso seaJean Rhys2007-049
50ChocolatJoanne Harris2007-050
51Rumpole à la carteJohn Mortimer2007-051
52KomarrLois McMaster Bujold2007-052
53Carry on, JeevesP.G. Wodehouse2007-053
54Every living thingJames Herriot2007-054
55Fall of AtlantisMarion Zimmer Bradley2007-055
56Civil campaignLois McMaster Bujold2007-056
57Harry Potter and the deathly hallowsJ.K. Rowling2007-057
58Lady Chatterley's loverD.H. Lawrence2007-058
59Pale companionPhilip Gooden2007-059
60Light that failedRudyard Kipling2007-060
61Of mice and menJohn Steinbeck2007-061
62Debits and creditsRudyard Kipling2007-062
63Have his carcaseDorothy L. Sayers2007-063
64Children of menP.D. James2007-064
65KidnappedRobert Louis Stevenson2007-065
66Cordelia's honorLois McMaster Bujold2007-066
67Young MilesLois McMaster Bujold2007-067
68Miles, mystery and mayhemLois McMaster Bujold2007-068
69Miles errantLois McMaster Bujold2007-069
70MemoryLois McMaster Bujold2007-070
71Rumpole and the Penge bungalow murdersJohn Mortimer2007-071
72Lord of the fliesWilliam Golding2007-072
73MoorLaurie R. King2007-073
74Letter of MaryLaurie R. King2007-074
75Rumpole rests his caseJohn Mortimer2007-075
76Rumpole and the primrose pathJohn Mortimer2007-076
77Rumpole and the reign of terrorJohn Mortimer2007-077
78Mary ReillyValerie Martin2007-078
79Midwife's taleGretchen Moran Laskas2007-079
80Willie WinkieRudyard Kipling2007-080
81Monstrous regiment of womenLaurie R. King2007-081
82Hound of the BaskervillesSir Arthur Conan Doyle2007-082
83Trading in dangerElizabeth Moon2007-083
84O JerusalemLaurie R. King2007-084
85GameLaurie R. King2007-085
86Quite honestlyJohn Mortimer2007-086
87Weapons of choice: World War 2.1John Birmingham2007-087
88Ruled BritanniaHarry Turtledove2007-088
89Tristan betrayalRobert Ludlum2007-089
90Sea ladyMargaret Drabble2007-090
91Justice HallLaurie R. King2007-091
92Locked roomsLaurie R. King2007-092
93Lord PeterDorothy L. Sayers2007-093
94Small bachelorP.G. Wodehouse2007-094
95Overture to deathNgaio Marsh2007-095
96Day's workRudyard Kipling2007-096
97Passport, The: the history of man's most travelled documentMartin Lloyd2007-097
98Tales of H.P. LovecraftH.P. Lovecraft2007-098
99Plain tales from the hillsRudyard Kipling2007-099
100Slaughterhouse-fiveKurt Vonnegut2007-100
101Three men in a boat: to say nothing of the dog!Jerome K. Jerome2007-101
102Death of a villageM.C. Beaton2007-102
103Death of a poison penM.C. Beaton2007-103
104Speed of lightElizabeth Moon2007-104
105Moneypenny diaries, The: guardian angelKate Westbrook2007-105
106To say nothing of the dog, or, how we found the bishop's bird-stump at lastConnie Willis2007-106
107Curse of ChalionLois McMaster Bujold2007-107
108Paladin of soulsLois McMaster Bujold2007-108
109Hallowed huntLois McMaster Bujold2007-109
110Monstrous regimentTerry Pratchett2007-110
111Heart of darknessJoseph Conrad2007-111
112Shipping newsAnnie Proulx2007-112
113Call of the wild / White FangJack London2007-113
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557PageTamora Pierce2010-053
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610Great northern?Arthur Ransome2010-106
611Picts and the martyrsArthur Ransome2010-107
612We didn't mean to go to seaArthur Ransome2010-108
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614Arrow's flightMercedes Lackey2010-110
615Arrow's fallMercedes Lackey2010-111
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617Dark is risingSusan Cooper2010-113
618GreenwitchSusan Cooper2010-114
619Grey kingSusan Cooper2010-115
620Silver on the treeSusan Cooper2010-116
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625Trickster's queenTamora Pierce2010-121
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